BioAtlas is a web service, primarily designed for biologists to explore where 16S rRNA strains classified from bacteria and/or archaea taxonomy are found, whether it be geographical and/or host-oriented locations.

The geographical reference data has been extracted from Gold / JGI and classified using Mothur. These have then been mapped to geographical GPS coordinates using Google maps API. In addition we allow for user contributed host maps.
This allows to explore where certain bacteria/archaea are found, either by browsing the classified reference data or by uploading own microbial sets of 16S rRNA sequences which will then be mapped to our reference data.


Get started

World map

Browse the world map and see where mapped bacteria/archaea reside in the world.

Explore usermaps

Explore public users maps by clicking on either picture above.

Upload your own data

Upload your own sequence set as FASTA (.fa) file. These will then be classified using Mothur and mapped to our existing reference data, allowing you to see their distributions.

Still in doubt? Read the more explained walktroughs on the tutorial page.