Usage procedure

  1. Fill out the form, what is the name of the map you are about to build? What is the name of the article and link to your source data?.
  2. Select one database file and one or more pictures using the Add files button. these files can be either:
    • The database file can be either xlsl or ods format. The db file is formatted as follows:
      • First column is the taxonomy identifier, these can be either in text form or the ID corresponding to the SILVA id, selected by the dropdown to the right.
      • First row inidcates the sector/location on the current map being built, e.g. for a human body map, this will correspond to a bodypart.
      • A taxonmy is considering within a location if it's cell has a positive value.
    • Images used for the map background can be either jpg or png format.
  3. After you have selected all the files you need to build the map, click next and you will be guided to the builder.
  4. On the next simply click the location you want to add to the map, and then click on the map, fillout all locations and hit Finish.

Usage Notes

  • The maximum file size for uploads is 20 MB.
  • Example files:

Map metadata

Map name

Source article name

Source link


Add files...