Add a job

From this page you can add a job and compare it's result to that of the world map.


  1. Write the name of your job, you can leave this blank, as this is for your own purpose only.
  2. Define the algoritmic parameters Mothur should use when classifying, default options recommended by the creators are already set.
  3. Select one or more files using the Add files button, these files can be either fasta/.fa or an archive containing fasta files compressed as a .tar.gz/.zip archive, you can add any number of files.
  4. It is also possible to use one of the predefined test datasets if you want to just test the service.
  5. After you have selected all the files you want to be classified click Submit job, and the job will be queued and run once the scheduler has time, which is normally right away.


  • The maximum file size for uploads is 20 MB.
  • Datasets:
    • 2000Phylum_Actino.fa - An fasta file containing 2000 sequences of Actinobacteria from the GreenGenes database.
    • 1000Phylum_Cyano.fa - An fasta file containing 1000 strains of Cyanobacteria from the GreenGenes database.

File mode

Select if you want to upload your own data. Or use one of the test datasets to learn the basics about the job service.

Job metadata

The metadata is for your own sake when returning later. This doesn't affect the results and can be omitted.

Job name

Algorithm parameters

The underlaying Algorithm we have chosen for the classification part is the K-mer aka Wang et al., as suggested by Mothur's authors.

Job run options





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